Chapter 36:

I decided to brake the Law of Silence. Spying on the US Embassy in Beirut.

I have decided to break our oriental “Omerta”, the Mafia law of silence because I finally realized how we have all been fools, toys in a deadly game. Our Christian leaders and warlords did not spare any of us boys. Instead, they committed us against the PLO, the Israelis, the Syrians and God knows who else. They used us to build their own empire on the corpses of poor innocent young men who were blinded by their inner convictions and purity. All the leaders were after was money and power.

All I can guarantee the reader is that my essential commitment is to reveal the truth, the naked truth, to provide the facts, in the hope of reviving the memory and conscience of those who forget there has ever been a war. I have been guided by my need and aspiration, my personal documents and testimony. I do not pretend to cope with all the stands of this tragedy that wiped out 4,000 years of heroic history.

The Lebanese Christian leaders gambled, with nothing in mind except their own personal needs and welfare. They lost our roots, but not their personal wealth. In the end, our friends and allies, got tired of the Christians and their staggering course of action. The Cause was sunk along with the fate of the Lebanese Christian people. The Syrians and their agents including, Rafik Hariri, picked out the flotsam and jetsam to put up an apology for a nation. Their move was decisive and incisive and the so called new nation they have been trying to put together is nothing but thin gold outside and thick garbage inside.

Anyway I look at it, the truth is thrown in my teeth and I look back sadly and I see who robbed who, everyone had a stealing arm. Sheikh Bashir had Jean Basmarjian and Jean Assaf, Fady Frem had Tony Bridi and Zahi Bustani, Fuad Abou Nader had Elie Wazen (Abbas), Elie Hobeika had Paul Ariss and René Moawad and Fadi Saroufim, Samir Geagea had George Antoun, Pierre Daher, Alfred Madi, Mike Nassar and Halirn Geagea and so it went. As to George Saadeh he managed to rob, all by himself, all of the Kataeb Party’s assets.

The Amid Raymond Eddeh, a Christian leader known for his integrity, is self exiled in Paris. Eddeh described the situation in an answer to Elie Hobeika and quoting a statement in the book “MOSSAD” published by Presse de la Cite, it states, “Elie Hobeika, the strong but bloodthirsty and vindictive. He was the Kataeb combatant who spread real terror in Lebanon. Whenever Hobeika cut off a Syrian soldier ears he would hang them on a string and keep it as a souvenir. He was an important Mossad agent”.

Now I want to ask Elie Hobeika, Eddeh went on to say, how could Hobeika be at one time an important Mossad agent and so swiftly become a Syrian collaborator, Damascus imposing him in every Lebanese cabinet. Elie Hobeika was first an Israeli agent, then a Syrian collaborator. How can he be loyal to Lebanon? How can he oppose an order coming from Damascus? It will up to the reader of this story to judge.

The boys have given Lebanon its martyrs, disabled, displaced and an oppressed people. They were asked to have the Syrians and they had personal and national reasons. They were asked to fight the Syrians and they never asked why nor how. Our leaders kept crawling to Khaddam and Kanaan for “favors”, money and women regardless of the sticking out truth that the Syrians are and will always be the root of all evil no matter how we comply.

Anyone who dares say NO to the Syrians becomes an Israeli agent, the highest treason in Syrian jargon. Whereas the Israelis have never treated us as stooping agents but as allies and friends. The Israelis cleaned out Lebanon of all foreign armed elements including the Syrians. In return, Lebanon paid Israel back with treason and disloyalty. In short, Lebanon has only TWO OPTIONS, Israel or Syria. It is up to the Lebanese people to make the right choice before being gulped down.

In the end I pay my deepest respects to General Ariel Sharon, that great man who gave the Christians of Lebanon what no one in the world has ever given, LIBERTY AND DIGNITY. Also to the leaders of the Likoud Party, and to the late Menachem Begin who stood next to us in our most critical moments during the war, whom we as Christian leadership betrayed Israel when the moment came.

I, Robert Hatem, known as “COBRA”, certifies that I am ready to appear before a Lebanese Court of Justice to testify, when justice in Lebanon will be stable and not corrupt on two conditions:
  1. A general amnesty is granted to the power base that only carried orders to the letter and the arraignment of the Leaders. And this only after a Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon.

  2. That I stand trial, side-by-side, with Elie Hobeika, so he can face the truth far from Syrian interference in the Lebanese Judicial system, so everybody will know nothing but the truth about what happened. Then and only then will the truth that is still hidden today by the Syrian and Lebanese authorities in Beirut be exposed.

(Elie Hobeika)
  • Born in Kleiat in the Kessruan in 1956.
  • Successive war names: Edward in 1977/78; Then H.K, after a sophisticated a mighty effective and powerful automatic machine gun called a “Heckler and Koch” which we used in the battle of Beirut and the Karantina in 1978.
  • He married Gina Raymond Nachaty in 1981.
  • He had a baby girl Sabine in 81, and she died in tragic circumstances in 1982.
  • He had a boy Joseph in 1983.
  • He was placed at the Banco Di Brazil in Beirut in 1978 as an office boy. He had stopped school at the end of the complementary cycle (Brevet). The Israelis made a strong and influential man out of him... a legend, and what a legend!
  • He learned English and French and Computer in Damascus during his exile after the "Intifada" against him.
  • He was humble and loved by his "boys" before 1982. He changed completely after Sabra and Chatilla and since then became money and power seeker.
  • He believed that his halo of mystery and introversion scared off people and helped him build up his power and strong influence.
  • He has no social activities whatsoever and shuns people except for a bunch of slaves for fear of being uncovered.
  • He hasn't got a single friend.
  • He has no love or respect for his family; how could he love or respect his country?
  • He has no political program and the day the Syrians withdraw their backing to him, he plans to flee to Brazil.
  • His one and only hobby is peeping, and family shattering. It is best if no one opens his heart or house to him for he is a born traitor.

  • The Second floor in his father's house in Adonis, built by Elias Shartuni as a gift.
  • Seventh floor in Sfeir Building in Junieh right behind the Equinox Night Club. half the price was paid as a Present by Elias Shartuni again.
  • An apartment in Kfar Hbab, the rent of which was fully paid by Mario Simonides.
  • An apartment house in Adma, on the third floor, while Assaad Shaftari occupied the second. The two flats were paid cash by Al Amn ( Security and Intelligence).
  • A Villa in Adma. Michel El Muarr offered him the plot of land and Bank Al Mashrek provided the loan for the building.
  • A luxurious beach chalet in Halate, a present from Elie Michel Murr.
  • A bullet-proof silver-gray BMW car stolen from the Iranian Embassy and repainted navy-blue.
  • A yatch (Cigarette- Hawk) formerly owned by (E.A.) and anchored at the A.T.C.L. (Automobile and Tourist Club of Lebanon in Kaslik).

Sheikh Bashir Gemayel, in his conflict with the Lebanese Army had kept the Commando Units, (Al Mukafaha) off, from all Eastern regions. Elie Hobeika seized this opportunity to “liquidate” any of them, the Amn guys would come across, whether in Dora, the Northern Matn (close to Galerie Matta) or in the Kessruan.

As a proof that the killing of a Lebanese Army commando had really been carried out, the gun of each of the elements shot down, a five-bullet Smith and Wessen had to be handed over to Hobeika personally. In this framework, Hobeika received and kept as a “souvenir” five guns, representing five L.A commandoes killed.

  • He ordered the assassination of George Massoud and Issam Awad in Zahleh and personally supervised the execution carried out by Gilbert Baz and Ibrahim Haddad.
  • He personally supervised the “burial” of George Khawand and Tony Haddad. Their corpses were dumped in pits at the headquarters in Zahleh.
  • He opened a phony bank account in Wedge Bank with false Lebanese papers to transfer the ransom money Roger Tamraz paid for his liberation
  • He sold the stock of arms that was in Zahleh to Hesbolla in the Bekaa before coming to West Beirut.
  • He sold all of the Kataeb Party’s properties in Zahleh in collusion with Abou Elie Hobeika’s father’s driver, Naim Saikali.
  • He returned three apartments to the legal owners in West Beirut, and collected the large compensation each of them were forced to pay for the evacuation of the premises.
  • He sold Al Mashrek TV stocks with Rabih el Khatib and kept the money for himself. He handed it to Hobeika under the table.
  • He collected the money due to be paid to 1000 displaced families from the Chouf with Kamal Feghali. The bulk went to Hobeika.
  • Now he gets ten percent of every operation small or big at the Electricity Authority on Hobeika’s behalf.

  • Elias El Zayek was born in Beirut in 1956, in an honorable Maronite family that gave Lebanon, the Kataeb Party, the Lebanese Forces and the sacred Christian Cause, without reckoning.
  • Elias El Zayek, the martyr, assassinated in cold blood and broad daylight in Ashrafieh by Samir Geagea’s men was a “Dentist”, a real one, not just an assumed doctor. He was clean, tough, highly educated, and extremely popular among the “Shabab” who held him in high esteem, specially because he was always on the frontlines in every decisive battle for the Christians: The Hotels, the Commercial Center of Beirut, Zahleh, the Chouf, even though he walked on crutches as a result of a bad war injury.
  • Joseph El Zayek, his brother, is an engineer, a true one, who also sacrificed the best years of his life for the “Cause” ... and for nothing. George El Zayek, the third brother is a gemologist, injured in the war as he to was always in every battle, on the frontlines fighting and giving the “boys” the morale, with his brothers.
  • The three men are undisputedly among the very few pure-minded, loyal, reliable, and uncompromising top ranking Kataeb and Lebanese Forces members, loved and respected throughout Ghazir, the Kessruan, Beirut, Byblos (Jbeil).
  • Like most of the good “seeds” among us, they have either been killed or live in exile.

  • Confiscation of Tamraz properties, including an apartment in Verdun, an armored navy blue car which he sold.
  • Smuggling of drugs (Captagon pills) into Saudi Arabia with René Moawad and Paul Ariss.
  • Irregular Fuel transactions with Ziad Ghandour, the fuel being imported to the Electricity authority; apart from huge commissions.



  • He participated in the Ehden Massacre on the front lines with Elie Hobeika and Samir Geagea. One of his toughest men was Maroun Salim from Ayn Remaneh who was killed in battle but Asmar never even asked about his folks.
  • The foiled attempt on the life of the US Ambassador Dean in 1981 in Hazmieh as he was passing aboard his black Cadillac. The diplomatic car was hit with a low missle. The Ambassador came out safe but his guards were wounded: The executioners were a guy called Teffaha Abou Ali and a bunch of Christian boys.
  • The assassination in cold blood of Retired National Liberal Tigers from and in Ayn Remaneh, one of whom from Tayyar family right under his house.
  • The cold blooded assassination of Elias Shartouni in front of the Barber shop in Ashrafieh.
  • Active participation in Sabra and Chatilla massacres.
  • Assassination of ELIE ABOU NADER, the only brother of Claude Abou Nader, Tewfik Hindi’s second wife. The executioners were George Abs and Michel Tannoury who operated under the orders of Joseph Asmar personally.
  • Cold blooded assassination of the Kataeb Party Kfarshima Section Chief from Daou family.
  • Joseph Asmar’s criminal record is much longer.
  • The attempt on Shalouhi’s life in his housein North Lebanon to squeeze him out of his apartment and office building, Centre Shalouhi which was mortgaged and he could do nothing but give it up.
  • Attempt on the life of a man from Nahass family, in Turkey.
  • Nahass was his associate in one of his phony companies with Habib Khoury, and René claimed he owed him money.
  • Insurance frauds in collusion with Richard Srour: Zalka Store with Kamel Co.; General Michel Aoun’s car with the Lebano Swiss; a store house in Ghadir with Saba Nader Banker’s Insurance; Hobeika’s Yawth with Income Insurance Co.; attempt at inundating Kamal Feghali bookshop with René Moawad: Raping of one of a Lebanese army officer’s wife (Rita Korbane) in a bookshop in Hazmieh. Her husband had been killed on the Front in Ashrafieh.

(Elie Hobeika’s partner in business and accessory in crime):

  • Insurance frauds, beginning with Charles Chalouhi’s cargo to collect the premium from IBRAHIM MATOSSIAN Insurance Co. Hobeika was a partner in the Company in 1983
  • Smuggling into Saudi Arabia a huge quantity of drugs with the help of Rudy Barudy in 1988 during the Zahleh phase.
  • Rape of two girls I know of, one from Zahleh, whose name I ignore, and one from Beirut, Antoinette.
  • Acts of piracy. Two cargoes one carrying Plastic and the second tomato paste were sea-jacked one to the port of Tripoli, the second to the port of Shekka. His associate in the operation was the Alawite gang leader ALI EID.
  • Kidnapping of LE BARON from Borj Hammoud to make him pay protection money” for the shops he owned in Kaslik with Mike Nassar.
  • Kidnapping of Edmond Assaf from Ashrafieh, for a ransom
  • Kidnapping of Charles Shalouhi to force him to pay a ransom in the form of assets and apartment houses and offices in Centre Chalouhi Sin el Fil known as Itali Moll.
  • Explosion of Charles Chalouhi’s supermarket in Itali Moll to force him to give up the first and second story to Elie Hobeika
  • The attempt on Shalouhi’s life in his house in North Lebanon to squeeze him out of the whole of his apartment and office building, Centre Shalouhi which was mortgaged and he could do nothing but give it up.
  • Attempt on the life of a man from Nahass family, in Turkey.

One day, Rene Moawad asked me to kill a disabled wealthy businessman, Elias Awwad. The initiative was evidently Elie personally. It was the first and last time the two men ever paid me for a “job” - $20 thousand dollars cash, in advance.

As usual, I put a close watch on him and found out that he never leaves his Adonis( Kessruan) residence. So I decided to get him inside his house. The three guys I sent for the mission fired a B-7 rocket which caused terrific material damage but the target was not reached. I repeated the operation a bit later, and again, the man touched death but was only injured. Rend Moawad asked me to call the whole thing off.

The abduction squad was clad in Lebanese army uniforms as a cover to perform the attack on Abu Saleh because Geagea’s men were still in control of the Kessruan while Hobeika’s men had worked their way through eastern regions under Aoun‘s control.

In the early morning the crash unit set out in a B.M.W. (5) car, from a villa in Nakkash in the Northern Matn which Charles Hobeika and Jo Akl had requisitioned. However Abu Saleh had fled during the night.

In any case, from then on, all the operations carried out against Geagea’s posts, or in Geagea’s controlled areas, were carried out by Hobeika’s men wearing Lebanese Army uniforms.

I personally led the squad that set the fire which burnt down Jibran Tueni,s printing Plant lying behind the Central Bank Building in West Beirut’s Sanaeh’s district. We were flanked and Officered by Syrian Army Intelligence Officers.

In 1987 and 1989, Elie Hobeika was instructed by the Syrian command to spy on the U.S. embassy in Beirut. I led the operation with three of my boys whose full names I will hush because, they too, are the victims of Elie Hobeika and the Lebanese authorities. However I will give their initials: (A.J.) and (Gh.R)