Chapter 35:

Allegience to his pocket, The killing of Dany Chamoun.

Lebanon, it is true, is still the theater of Middle East treachery and rope-pulling. One of the stakes of the Arab Israeli conflict which, as anybody can judge, leaves it at weathercock, and Syria at the top of its form. The war that rocked the very foundation of this country has enabled Damascus to achieve its one and only object, turning Lebanon into a satellite state. That was its sole motivation from the early 1970’s.

The Syrian dictators would not have been able to achieve such a victory if it were not for the Christian traitors and double agents who have never been able to maintain ties and honor their commitments. Apparently their motto is submissiveness against money. No national spirit, no allegiance except for their pockets. That is why, against the will of the Christian power base, they sold out to Syria, totally obliterating the memory of the martyrs who fell on the field of honor, motivated by a sacred cause that has never been one to the clan leaders.

The best example is undeniably Elie Hobeika who scores the highest number of victims. Men who pinned their hopes on him, trusted him, followed him, served him and died for nothing or live in total dejection and despair, despoiled of everything. I consider it my duty towards my companions to list their names for justice sake and for the record so that their memory may never die, wherever they may be.

The “Shababs” who died when Hobeika was the boss of Security and Intelligence: Aziz Abdalla, Michel Abou Ghanem; George and Samir Chedid; Adel Raya; Hanna Srouji; Boulos Karam; George Hajj; the numerous heroes from Karm El Zeitoun; and, the numerous heroes from Hay El Syrian both known as “Martyrs Districts”.

The following died on the front or were eliminated during Hobeika’s useless breakthrough of September 27, 1986: Michel Zouein; Fadi Shaheen; Emile Assaf; Ziad Kassas; Emile Azar; Michel and Toni Issralli; Maurice Fakhoury; Samir Rayess; and, Joseph Kadi.

Khalil Faress, El ie Akl, Charles Korbane, Loubnan Karam, Fuad Jomaa, and, Tony Saadeh who became disabled.

Elie Hobeika must, if he had a shred of conscience left, remember those who were so faithful to him that they renounced families and friends and denied even Christ to follow him in his Zahleh exile, spat on by all the Christians. They are: Nicolas Maacaron; Michel Riachi; George Kfoury; and, Badri Abdel Dayem, who ruined himself on a so called promise by Hobeika. He sold everything he had for the legislative campaign of 1992. At the last minute, Hobeika sacked him.

Michel Zouein, a man who really worshiped him as no one else did. He was always on the edge over him and his personal safety and well-being. I recall every time Hobeika went on a “mission”, Zouein would hand him a written prayer sunk in Holy Oil, and would light a candle for him for protection from all evil. When he had his first son Bachir, Hobeika was the godfather. Now, his widow and children live in Paris in dire need. Hobeika never thought about sending them financial support. Zouein was a capable and clever man and as usual Hobeika. feared his intelligence and sacked him in Zahleh. He fled to Paris where he remained until 1986 when Michel Murr, the actual “Godfather” of the breakthrough sent after him for military assistance. It was Zouein and Charles Hobeika who led the advance. Charles came out alive, escaping like a coward thanks to Naji Najjar and some boys who silenced the sources of fire, opening for him the way till he ran away and forgot them encircled by the army. Later they were arrested and taken to the Ministry of Defense for charges. Michel Zouein, died on an adjacent street to the boys shot in his Jeep and burned later by a rocket.

Joumana Soueidi who gave up everything to follow him as his secretary. Finally, Paul Ariss, Assad Shaftari and myself, Robert Hatem, alias COBRA and many, many others whose names have been omitted because I forget them not that I do not care.

As a minister, Elie Hobeika put out of his way all the persons whom he considered too smart to serve his objectives and too strong to be bullied, such as Sami Khouery, Tony and Roger Daher, and Louis Karam, Sejaan Azzi, without forgetting Elie Assouad and Charles Ghostine, who sacrificed their party.

The Syrian Command is undeniably behind the assassination of Dany Chamoun, on October 21, 1990, after General Aoun’s downfall. They ordered it ... and it was carried out after their own system: Total extermination.

Indeed, after Aoun’s rout, and Geagea’s defect and loss of popularity, the Christian society was maimed. The only Maronite Leader left on the scene and capable of filling the gap was Dany Chamoun. Elie Hobeika was held in contempt, though feared, because of his political hairpin bends. However, he had canvassed for the position and actually dreaded Dany’s challenge, especially that Chamoun had preceded Hobeika in the arms of the Syrian Command in Zahleh in 1980 after being ousted by Bashir Gemayel, and his “Tigers” annihilated. Though Dany Chamoun had not lived up to the Syrian expectation, then, he had established his connections.

From his position, Hobeika sensed that the Syrian command was seriously thinking of giving Dany a portfolio in the new Cabinet. Hobeika could not let that happen. Too much was at stake. Dany had to be put out of his way, one way or another. That is the reason why when he asked me to fix an appointment for him with Chamoun at his Baabda Residence, he insisted on knowing the exact number of guards protecting Dany. On the day of the meeting, he set out to count them himself and determine their exact positions in and around the building.

Since that day, Hobeika’s coordination with the Syrian “Political Assassination Bureau” was braced up. The Syrian Bureau was situated in Ramla El Bayda, close to the temporary Residence of the President of the Republic Elias Hrawi, a luxurious villa property of Bahia Hariri, Rafik Hariri’s sister, placed at the President’s disposal for the time it would take.

I am able to confirm that The Syrian Political Assassination Bureau is ran by the Syrian Highest Command and not by Ghazi Kanaan, Chief of the Syrian Intelligence Service in Lebanon. Dany Chamoun was assassinated, and Hobeika was the one and only Maronite Chieftain on the Lebanese Christian scene as far as the Syrians were concerned.

In that framework, I clearly recall that in 1995, German experts from Mercedes flew to Beirut to examine the wreckage of assassinated President Ren6 Moawad armored boobie-trapped Mercedes limousine. Not a piece of the wrecks was found. Disappeared into thin air! Gone with the wind!

In any case, behind the assassination of ANY LEBANESE CHRISTIAN FIGURE, stands the Syrian command, and its Lebanese lethal arm. President Chamoun’s party, their political future for him and wound up without anything.

It was later reported that the Motorolla story was used to cover up the killing of President Chamoun and blame the Lebanese Forces. The true identity of the killer is believed to be a current minister in the Hariri government. He had had a meeting a day earlier with Dany Chamoun. He had an opportunity to count the number of bodyguards Chamoun had in his apartment and around the building. After going back to west Beirut, to the Syrian headquarters at the beaurivage, the orders came from the Syrian controlled Ministry of Defense for the Lebanese army soldiers protecting Chamoun’s home to abandon their post. The next day Dany Chamoun and his family were killed.

It is suspected that Hobeika was the person who masterminded the killings. He received support from Amid Ghazi and later blamed the killings on Geagea. The motive of the crime was that Syria wanted to realize its dream. Syria wanted to dominate the Christian regions forever with their trusted candidates, Asaad Hardane and Elias Hobeika. They wanted to finish with all the Christian strong leaders that had ties with Israel, the United States and the West. Dany Chamoun was the case after the departure of Aoun. In this way, Syria would have free hand, braking the Christian dream forever by eliminating whomever was considered a danger to its interests.

At a later date after the Presidency Palace has fallen into Syrian hands, Hobeika organized a reception in West Beirut at the house of Wajdy Mouawad where Ghazi Kanaan was present and high superior Syrian Officers. Upon Hobeika's request René Kaado Mouawad handed 2 separate checks of $100,000 each to General Prosecutor Mounif Oueidat(The highest judicial athority then) in exchange of guarantying the stay of Geagea in jail.

Mounif Oueidat accepted the bribery, took the checks and replied to Hobeika "don't worry I know how to deal with this matter" I, Robert Hatem, witnesses this event and the lebanese people should know the Truth and they shall decide who will be the responsible for the moment to come. This to be recorded for History.

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