Chapter 34:

Pleasure in screwing his best friends wives.

Elie Hobeika takes real pleasure in screwing his best friends’ wives or girlfriends. That was how far he would go to mortify whoever was close to him. It is a sensual delight. I am not moralizing, I simply want to protect the interests of all those who were not able to stand up against his power to safeguard their honor and their women, wives or otherwise.

When we kidnapped Charles Chalouhi in Zahleh, Hobeika went to bed with his girlfriend, Therese Omeira, at his West Beirut residence. He dated his own friend and Counselor's wife, Joyce Rudy Barudy. Whenever Rudy was away on a trip, he would bring her to a Chalet at the Summerland Compound, while I stood at the door watching and guarding.

He had a sordid affair with his wife’s sister, Marie-Jeanne Raymond Nachaty, who was René Moawad’s wife. They divorced two years ago. No wonder when his wife Gina worked out his dates and provided girls for him such as Vicky Abi Rashed and Nada B. He wanted Marie-Jeanne, and he wanted her real bad. He would have his sexual urges in the middle of the night and wake us up to drive him up to Zghorta where she was staying. He did so just for a lay when her husband, René Moawad was away.

Once, on one of his sudden impulses, we fell into a Palestinian ambush at the level of Nahr El Bared Camp in North Lebanon and drove through intensive automatic fire. We steered through swiftly and escorted him to Marie-Jeanne’s bed. We had come close to death, not for a just cause, but for a sex spree. What an irony of fate. He was so over-excited nothing could stop him. He did not care whether I or the boys died for a lay. He felt safe in his armored car, his head numb, but for the rest.

To obtain Electricity and Water blueprints, Marie-Jo and Micha turned insurance agents, each project requiring an insurance policy. They would get what they wanted against “special” parties at his Ministry’s Office. Randa Daher Munzer was also a five-minute stand at his office. She loved money and would not hesitate to get screwed for a contract.

Maha Maktabi’s life was tragically broken up because of him. She lived on the eighth floor of the West Beirut apartment building where Hobeika stayed. Her husband was a respectable socialite, a man of position and means who is one of the biggest carpet dealers in Lebanon. He discovered that his wife was cheating on him despite all her precautions. A scandal broke out and he repudiated her. She wound up with nothing.

Maha Maktabi paid a very high price for her fleeting infatuation for an unscrupulous man. When Hobeika went to bed with her, he had an auxiliary to fill the gaps, a West Beirut belly dancer who lived on the tenth floor of the building across the street. She would come to his bed with her 16-year-old daughter for an orgy, knowing that she was also Ghazi Kanaan’s whore. Not content with Maha and the dancer, he hooked a very beautiful and innocent 16-year-old Druze from the Chouf, Hoda, also a next-door neighbor. She would sneak out of her house at his first beck, and come running behind her mother’s back, for a quick pass.

Hobeika went to bed with all the reporters who came to him for interviews, Souraya Assi, Rawya from M.T.V., Nada Husseini, Roulla Mouaffak, Scarlet Haddad Pierre Yazbek’s, sister-in-law. Though Pierre was gay, he married a much older and very ugly woman as a cover in our oriental society and died of Aids. Hobeika knew they would give him a mediatic treat. He needed it and made the most of it. That was not all.

He used to drop by a Men’s Clothes Shop called Zilli at the Summerland Compound. Zilli was run by Viviane Rouhana. They wound up in bed. As she was pretty, sexy and willing, he was extremely generous with her.

At the same time, there was a Dr. Karam who lived in Masouriet el Matn. She would dare cross the demarcation line just to be in his arms and bed. She too managed to get a lot of money out of him. There were two girls he enjoyed a lot, Caroline Bridi and a friend of hers from the Samaha family. He used to bring them up to my place in Zahleh when he dropped by and Primo’s wife was not available.

He also screwed a Palestinian Ferial Dajjani. He paid her performances with falsified Lebanese identity papers. They would meet in my house in Furn el Shebbak, the same house that served him to lay Hoda, Nabih Berri’s secretary in Parliament. No need to recall that my apartment also served for his sexual revels with Adel Abou Habib’s wife whom he shared with René Moawad, whose secretary Nidal Maatouk was one of the group. René Moawad would press her to respond so that he would come up with financial profits. She was beautiful and of easy virtue, so the three of them had it made.

One of the dirtiest affairs in which I was directly involved was with D.H., the wife of a prominent political figure from North Lebanon. She and her husband called on him at his West Beirut residence with a Lebanese treat of his favorite dishes, namely “Fouaregh”, stuffed intestines. After lunch, Hobeika could not contain his sexual desire and asked me to put the poor dozing husband to sleep. I offered him a drink mixed with a large quantity of “Valium”. He dropped on the couch and slept for hours while Hobeika treated himself with his wife. I was there watching the sleeping cheated on husband and television.

He had a good time with Tracy Chamoun on his yacht anchored at the ATCL, Kaslik. The wife of the former minister, Farid Makkari, was invited on jet ski tours and to Hobeika’s Halate Chalet bed, and Mrs. Khatib, owner of the Red Shoe factory.

One thing is sure, Hobeika with his innate ruthlessness and mystery halo used women and had more eager bed partners than he could even remember. Basically, he despised them and none of them dared defy him. The explosive combination of sex and power had gone to his head. Among the wild cats he wanted and had, was that gorgeous model Hyam known as Hamo. Their hot sessions took place in my Furn el Shebbak apartment. As usual he got tired of her and paid her $5,000 United States dollars to lay off his back and bed.

There was also that very attractive M.E.A. air hostess, Mireille She’ayeb. As usual he wanted her, and he had her and let her down. I remember Gaby, of one of bus bodyguards used to go up to her house in Broumana with flowers, every single day, for as long as it lasted. Randa Kassar would do with his Ministry’s office couch. However, soon, their lustful encounters made their way through the Ministry’s corridors and Beirut’s socialite salons. Her husband, Eddy Kassar, could not withstand it and divorced her.

I used to drive back and forth from West Beirut’s Verdun sector bringing two gorgeous women, Hala and Tala to him. He would screw both of them at his respectable Ministry’s Office. Meanwhile, in Ayn Remaneh lived the most notorious, though extremely likable, “Madame” everybody called “Sheikha”. Hobeika went bananas for her 16-year-old sensational daughter, Ghada. He offered her a 318 brand new black BMW.

The list is not exhaustive, but I made up my mind not to mention all by name, because they are his victims. He almost raped them, if not physically at least morally. They were preys of sexual harassment and could not help but give in and shut their mouths. His wife, Gina Raymond Nachaty, is no better breed. Her two vices, just like Hobeika, are sex and money. Her stud is I.H better known as B. However, Hobeika could not care less for as long as she laid off his back.

I know I let out the truth which is more like a bombshell, and at my own personal risk, but it is important to bring it out now more than ever. It is the TRUTH against POWER AND CORRUPTION, The Truth to wake up a People.

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