Chapter 33:

More money, more power, more broads

Elie Hobeika is ever satiated, never satisfied. He always wants more. More money, more broads, more power. The lady-killer, Hobeika’s marriage had been going leewa since the death of his baby-girl Sabine. Hobeika and Gina, patched up for a while when his son Joseph was born. But Hobeika was fed up and decided to live his own life, unleashed.

It was just after his defeat in 1986. Greedy as Gina was, his wife accepted the compromise against payment and freedom of action. Hobeika’s stay in Europe was short-lived. He returned to Damascus to resume his action. Gina settled in Switzerland for a while and returned to Lebanon where she stayed with her sister, Marie-Jeanne in Zghorta. Their life as a couple was just a window dressing; he, for his ambitious career and she for the fortune she was making from the arrangement.

After his affair with Marlene in Damascus, he began hoarding an incredible number of simultaneous or queued-up mistresses and one night-stands worthy of figuring in the “Guiness Book of Records”. He had instant urges. Women threw themselves at his neck and pocket. Only in that regard did he really dish out money without counting.

However, he was never hooked. He let the women down whenever he got bored, but not one of them has ever turned her back on him. One thing is certain, it is not romance he is seeking, but sheer sexual pleasure and is willing to pay the price. Being a part of his intimate life for so many years, I discovered that he found more pleasure with broads and whores than steady girlfriends, no matter how gorgeous they might be. However, the last of his conquests that I knew about before I fled for my life, held out for a couple of years. She was Randa Zakka.

Randa Zakka, is a sexy notorious woman with a mighty strong personality and downright disrepute. She was married to the Lebanese crooner in vogue, Ragheb Allameh and lived mostly in Paris. She literally squeezed money out of his blood, for she is the kind that sticks with the highest payer for as long as he pays. She tested him, hooked him and he fell headlong. She kept a good grip on him. He would fly to Paris every weekend just to be with her at her luxury Neuilly residence. She cost him millions of dollars.

Among Hobeika’s lavish presents to her was the repair and redecoration of her Hazmieh residence which cost him about four hundred million United States dollars, an apartment she had swiped from Allameh. He favored her brother, owner of Zakka Contractors, with important blueprints. When her husband, who is a weakling and a big mouth, started gossiping about the affair, Hobeika sent me to straighten him up. “If you don’t quit talking, I’ll make you swallow your tongue so you won’t be able to either talk or sing”. That was all I had to tell him to shut him up and scare him away.

Allameh, a coward, ran to the Syrian command whimpering, and pressed charges against me. Luckily for me, the whole thing stopped mysteriously. In the meantime, Hobeika arranged for his own attorney to work on her divorce suit and naturally paid his extremely high fees.

Everything considered, I have decided not to spare any of the women who surged down in his bed because actually, none of them is any better. From my position, I was able to tell, my own apartment was the scene of most of his sprees. And after standing by him, shielding him and doing all the dirty jobs for him, I was thrown out of my own place which as I said served as his private cozy den.

Moreover, the reader is entitled to be informed of the filth Hobeika, including the women he screwed, lived and sprinkled us with, and how it has brought prejudice to all the innocent Lebanese Christians at home or abroad. In fact, many know about his true nature, but they are afraid to talk. So many victims fell for some dirty game, taking their secrets away with them, while I am still around, haunted by memories and my conscience determined to disclose all I know with proof produced.

Hobeika has undoubtedly gathered the biggest collection of women. But as I said, he prefers whoring with one night-stands and quick lays. As a matter of fact, the first one he tried, he enjoyed. She was Nana. From then on, his choice was made and René Moawad and myself provided. Then came Madonna, the Lebanese sexy singer, Hyan Saadeh, Money, Ferial, Grace, and Samara, the hot belly dancer. Samara gave birth to Hobeika’s daughter, Eliane, now age 10.

He also spent sometime with Rachel, another belly dancer who cost him a fortune because he appreciated her “performance”. The celebrated, super sexy and erotic belly dancer Dany Bustros was crazy about him. He was lavish with her. When he dropped her, she attempted suicide. The whole thing was hushed because it made waves. When she recovered, Fadi Saroufim paid her off with a big check to keep her quiet. Then came Elizabeth, Arlette, Soziana, and Elsi Ferneini, the actress.

Not content with artist’s and professional hookers, he set his heart on high society, married women. He has a knack for shattering their lives, uncaring about the consequences. Marie-Claude was so stuck on him she grew careless. Her husband, Pierrot Khouery, was undeniably a victim. He was greatly pressured to lay off. He could do nothing but take the humiliation lying down.

Mirna Michel Murr fell for him. Her husband, Jibran Tueni, chose divorce rather than put up with my pressure and the outrage.

Hobeika’s affair with Dalia and Hayatt Faygal Arslane set fire in this honorable Druze family. Nessrine Mohamad Al Kholi was so plain, I could not help asking him how he could even touch her. He would reply, laughing, “She tips me out on her father”, though he laid Al Kholi secretary’s wife, Habib Primo. He shared Ghazi Kanaan’s girl friend and her daughter; he had a fiery affair with Nadine Kanso and pressed her for information on her mother, Boshra Osseirane, even though he had her in his bed too.

Marlene Bejjani taken head over heals with him. She followed him to Damascus after the “Intifada” and stayed all the time in a suite at the Meridian Hotel. She cost him a fortune, cash paid by Rafik Hariri. He was so infatuated at one time that he promised to marry her. When she got pregnant he had already fallen out of love and sent her to France for an abortion with a check.

He went to bed with Marlene, the wife of Joseph El Rif, his mother’s uncle, who owned a furniture showroom in Badaro. When El Rif found out how far it had gone and how impudent Hobeika and his wife were, he divorced her. Hobeika gave her up then.

He fell for Rita Hobeika, a real beautiful girl. Bourvil and I would take her to Deir El Salib, a mental institute, for drug addiction treatments. Rita Habiss from Horsh Tabet had a good time with him too. The man is a sex maniac. He would have intercourse with any girl provided she answered his wild expectation. That was why the list of women he slept with is so long.

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